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I have encountered an odd test failure

I’m getting an odd failure in testController_whenCreated_buttonLabelIsStart(). Changes in StepCountController sometimes caused this function to fail the test. I’m currently working through Chapter 3.

Attempting to resolve it, I eventually opened the completed version and copied and pasted the code for the function to visually compare. While visually identical, the test succeeded using the copied code. Commenting out the copied code and reverting to the original test code would then succeed.

I later made one of the Challenge updates in AppModel, and again this test failed. This time I only deleted a CR on an empty line, and restored it in the failed test. Running the test then succeeded. This makes me suspect that it’s more a case of Xcode failing to properly update.

So going forward, as I’ve seen errors in that function I just update it with a blank line or delete a blank line, and the test succeeds.

@mkatz Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]