I got a error when I confirm a deploy


I was reading a Server Side Swift Vapor V.1.0.1, but, I had a problem.
(p.77 Build, deploy and test)
I got a error message when building app.

Error: Portal Error: the portal timed out before it could finish its operation

Identifier: Core.PortalError.timedOut

Here are some possible causes:

  • user forgot to call portal.close(with: )

These suggestions could address the issue:

  • ensure the timeout length is adequate for required operation time

  • make sure that portal.close(with: ) is being called with an error or valid value

Can someone help me?

Hmm can you try to rerun the deployment, if you get same error, can you try to send app slug and environment to support@vapor.cloud

Good Morning, I have a similar problem, but with the checkout branch “master”.When I write “vapor cloud deploy” and after choosing the application and project, when the terminal should give me my URL it shows this error:
env: production
db: none
replicas: 1
replica size: free
branch: master
build: clean
Creating deployment [Done]
Connecting to build logs …
Waiting in Queue [Done]
Starting deployment: ‘rwrw-til’ [Done]
Getting project from Git [my git] [Done]
Checkout branch ‘master’ [Failed]
Successfully deployed.

it failed the Checkout branch, but I already check the existence and it exists. Can anyone help me?
Thank you very much.


Hi, to be able to help you with this, please send app slug to support@vapor.cloud