I have a problem with the Picker inside of NavigationView: I can’t replicate the behavior @4’45"
The picker works only the first time: selected the item, the navigation go back on the form, but I can’t change again the selectedSnackIndex. The picker is disabled
I had try also the complete course code
My XCode is 11.3.1 version and the target iOS version is 13.2

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance

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@isaacmendez Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hey - I just investigated this and it seems to be a bug on the most recent version of Xcode. The error triggered when you return complains about force refreshing table views which I don’t believe we’re doing. Since SwiftUI is still in beta, the course is built for earlier versions of SwiftUI. However I’ll investigate to see if there is a workaround in this version.

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