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HTML Render or CanvasKIT render?

This is an amazing book, I so like that Google give it for free.
My question. There are any drawback of using HTML render instead of CanvasKIT?

Is there are showing the user the exact same UI? Or HTML render still have bugs?

Hi @aminadav thanks for your feedback!

Both web renders aim to exactly show the user the same UI.

Based on my experience with deploying Flutter to web, i prefer using the HTML render mode because it seems more stable and responsive on web. Under the hood it uses HTML elements, CSS, and canvas elements and has a smaller download size.

As for CanvasKit renderer i prefer to use this on mobile and desktop. The responsiveness is just night and day comparison!

In 2022 i believe the Flutter team is focus on improving Flutter web’s performance, making it feel more native for web and support for SEO.
Check out their article for what’s to come:

This article list all the issues they are aware of, and hopefully they address them sometime this year!

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Thank you very much! interesting. We’ll read.