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How to trace a driver according to the traffic on the street?

I’m working on an app that needs to be plotted online when the driver is traveling on a route, and when he or she arrives at the destination, find out what route he/she has reached.

The methods I tested:

1 - I use the Google API, but this API looks to be the best route, not the path the driver has taken.

2- Because I save all the driver’s positions along the way and connect these points with a polyline, but it gives me a very bad route and is not out on the street.

hi @kavoskhajavi,
some pointers to think about, if you are saving the points, you could try to normalise those points using a double pass, once to get the closest address for the point and then to get the point for that address, that way, you would get a more normalised data that would be on the API’s map route.

The other way is to gather a very granular number of points, such that they have almost no gap. This is what most pre-smartphones GPS capture devices would provide.


I’m using this right now

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