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How to Submit An App to Apple: From No Account to App Store – Part 2

So you want to submit an app to Apple? This tutorial walks you through each step of the process, from having no account to being published on the App Store!

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That was cool.

Why doesn’t Apple add a feature to Xcode to generate all the icon sizes from a single image? That would save devs a lot of time.

Thanks for writing this tutorial. It made it easy to understand certificates, provisionning profiles and iTunes Connect.

Thank you so much for this tutorial you really helped me, but I have a problem been stock in it for 3 days now, I did all the steps you said and everything went prefect but after archiving the app I went to iTunes connect but the “Select a build before you submit your app” button in the build section won’t show, I matched the bundle ID in iTunes connect and Xcode, also tried a lot of solutions in the internet but still having the problem, can you please help?

Did you upload your app correctly with the itunes connect option? Were there any errors during the upload-especially if you had a network hiccup?


The problem is that I couldn’t upload it to iTunes connect because the “Select a build before you submit your app” button isn’t there, the problem is solved now, turned out that I should wait a while after matching the bundle ID in iTunes connect and Xcode :slight_smile:
Thank you.

My bank info is processing for more than 12 hours long. How much did it take to you to finish?
Can I submit a priced app while my bank info is only in processing status?

Thank you for your answears!

We submitted an ios app, but posted only a single screenshot for an iphone, but our app runs on both iphone and ipad. Although Apple accepted it, it now only shows up as an iphone app. Do we have to create an entirely new version with all 5 screenshots?? And if so, do we need to resubmit for approval??

Did your processing complete? Mine took awhile as well.

The app icons are not editable after submission based on Apple’s technical documentation. The comment they responded to on this is “If you’re changing other information that isn’t listed as editable, you need to create a new app version and resubmit it. See Replacing Your App with a New Version.”

Approval should be faster for the update.

I submitted an app to the apple store but have been rejected 3 times. We have tweaked the app in different way to get the app admitted but are having trouble with the approvers because they do not understand the app and getting in touch with them over then phone has been a nightmare. What do you suggest we do?

I smiled and clicked ‘done’ but build is not available in itunes connect. What do you think I didn’t smiled well or made some mistake anywhere?? Help me please.
Is it necessary to fill all things first?? I first build the app and got nothing in itunes.

Sometimes it takes time for the system to sync depending on load. Did you make sure the bundle id’s match?

Bundle Identifier in Xcode :- com.wgt.singleapp.KidsKullaApp
Bundle Id in iTunes:- XC com wgt singleapp KidsKullaApp - com.wgt.singleApp.KidsKullaApp

Also sometime I get one error related to org.cocoapods.DropDown bundle Identifier. Ans sometimes give error "ERROR ITMS-90534: “Invalid Toolchain.”.

Help me.

One more question, we have to make development and distribution provisional profile only one time for all apps.?

Thanks for your reply. Nice tutorial. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this wonderful and useful article…

Thank you it helped a lot. I just submitted a build. It is showing (Processing) right after Build list. It’s been 14 minutes now. Looks like I have to wait little longer to be able to select the build. I am really happy and grateful that we have available to learn about iOS app development. Thank you!

Thanks for this thorough tutorial! I was able to submit my sticker app and I’ve sold about 60 copies so far. I’m now working on my second. Question: Now that iOS 10.1 is out, I’m wondering about different versions. Do I create sticker apps for 10.1 only? Do I have to do something to support both 10.0 and 10.1? Thanks again for your help.

If your books are as thorough as this tutorial, I’ll be buying them!

Thanks for the wonderful article. I was able to submit my first app to app store with your help. hope it gets approved :slight_smile:

My app developer disappeared and just gave me a .ipa binary file. When I went to application loader and click deliver your app, then open my .ipa file, it gave me an error saying application loader is unable to upload your package. No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier is correct. so what should i do?

I, too, thank you for your article. Parts 1 and 2 were just what I needed to get to the point of testing my simple app on my iPhone. I used Visual Studio 2015 and Xamarin to build the app. I was hoping that there could have been a bit more to Part 2. I am left wondering two things. 1) What happens when I edit and rebuild my app? I imagine that I will not need to revise anything on the Apple Developer site and that XCode will take care of everything, right? and 2) What to do if I want to create another simple app that has a different name. The app name part of my bundle ID will change which will means the app id I created on the Apple Developer site will no longer work for my new app. I suppose I need to create another app id. I’m wondering if I will need to change anything else on the Apple Developer site?. I’m sure I’ll get it figured out but it would be nice to see an explanation at the end of Part 2 of your article. Just a suggestion.