How To Make an App Like Runkeeper: Part 1

Hi Mr. Critz,

Thank you for your quick response. My error wasn’t that I added an additional visibility modifier, but that I had my target deployment set for 9.0 instead of 10.0, as such, it was not interpreting the method accordingly. So far, so good! Thank you once again!


I’m glad you found it, Mark. Have a good weekend!

Hello, i wonder… why shold i change the bottom priority of the mapView. If not, it also works good


In iOS 10 and the beta version of iOS 11 that I checked for this tutorial, not lowering the bottom priority of the map view resulted in an “ambiguous layout” error at run time. It seems that Apple have subsequently fixed this so, if you’re targeting ONLY iOS 11 and later, you can leave it at its default.

I went ahead and used the tutorial for guidance and implemented everything with Google Maps, but I’m having an issue, when I use this aplicación with another (Strava, Nike+, etc) in certain situations I’ve noticed when I open the app again, the data is gone… anyone have any idea what could be happening?

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. We will update it as soon as possible. Thank you! :]