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How To Make A UIViewController Transition Animation Like in the Ping App

iOS supports custom transitions between view controllers. In this tutorial you'll implement a UIViewController transition animation like the Ping app.

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Looks like there’s a small typo in this line:

let rect = CGRect(x: triggerButton.frame.origin.x,
                  y: triggerButton.frame.origin.y,
                  width: triggerButton.frame.width,
                  height: triggerButton.frame.width)

I think height should be height: triggerButton.frame.height.

@dcdude Actually, I think I did this on purpose to make sure resulting bezier path would be a circle and not an oval if the button happened to have a different height than width!

@luke_parham Thanks! I changed it back. I had a typo elsewhere that led to some odd behavior, which I tracked down.

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you!