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How to Make a Line Drawing Game with Sprite Kit and Swift

Learn how to make a Line Drawing Game like Flight Control with Sprite Kit and Swift!

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This was a delightful project that was fun to code and play. Thanks!

I have worked on a number of RW projects, but most of them use struct to store SKPhysicsBody categories. So, why was enum used for this project? I have always wondered about struct and enum (which one to use). Could you please enlighten me on this? After trying this project, it seems struct looks cleaner than enum.

This is an updated version of an Objective-C tutorial and usually i try to make as least changes as possible. Thats the reason i used an enum. You should use what you are more comfortable with and if you think structs work better for you use them.

Thanks, Jean-Pierre. I look forward to seeing more of your projects. :grinning:

Will you please update the code as it is not compiling with Swift 3?

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Also having some trouble compiling this with Swift 3. How about a mac app tutorial? Thanks!