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How to Make a Game Like Candy Crush: Part 2

Learn how to make a game like Candy Crush for your iPhone in this 2-part tutorial series.

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I’ve been programming for a few years now and was at a bit of a loss when trying to figure out why you use forward declarations in the .h files and import in the .m files when there is no logical reason for it. I use this method when unable to import in the .h due to circular imports. You seem to use this method ALMOST all the time… could you explain why? And why not in the other cases?

thanks hollance for your great work!
It’s an iPhone App. If change it to Universal, may give iPad players a chance to download from Appstore. But when change it to " Univeral " at the device part of Deployment info within XCode, and at App Icon part, change " none" to " iOS 7.0 and later" for the iPad part.Build and run on iPad, the Background@2x.png looks much smaller on iPad.
how to make it works for Universal ? thanks:slight_smile:

thanks for the great tutorial! how to Port it to OS X so it can be submitted to Mac store?
thanks again!

I’m working on match three game and stuck , I want to diagonally fill empty cell because there is obstacle in column
How to achieve diagonally board filling or gravity manipulation ?

Please check out the tutorial’s updated Swift version over here: Thank you! :]