How to handle player swiping left to remove game in Game Center

I know this function is being called when the current player resigns from a game:

func turnBasedMatchmakerViewController(viewController: GKTurnBasedMatchmakerViewController, playerQuitForMatch match: GKTurnBasedMatch) {  
        print("playerquitformatch, \(match), \(match.currentParticipant)")  
        for part in match.participants!  {  
            (part ).matchOutcome = .Quit  
        match.endMatchInTurnWithMatchData(match.matchData!, completionHandler: nil)  

What function is being called when a player swipe to left and remove the game? which most likely all Game Center players do instead of respectfully resigning

What tutorial book is this from?

This is from no book

Well its a GKTurnBasedMatchMakerVC so it has a delegate protocol to follow which alerts when a match ends. In this case its sending .Quit option.