How to convert Robot Rampage to an Xbox One game?

I have successfully completed Robot Rampage and would like to convert it to an Xbox One game. Do you have a good reference to help with the controller inputs and exporting to an Xbox One playable disk?

Hi @dragondave64, I am not exactly sure how to accomplish this but here are some links that could give you a better idea of how to do so:


At the moment, the controllers are managed in the Input Manager, so that’s the place where you’ll have to make adjustments to your controller. You can find more information about it over here:

Good luck!

Thanks to all for the replies. I will start small and get Robot Rampage to work on the pc with the Xbox One controller. I was hoping it would be as simple as exporting from Unity and popping a cd in my Xbox. As I am only in part time hobby mode, getting the developer account and kit with Microsoft might be a little ambitious at this time. I am enjoying the tutorial book. Even if I never publish a game of my own, this is fun to work with.

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