How do you add an Contact email link to an apps Info page?

I would like to add my Contact email address to the Info page of my app.

I have tried several things, but the added link remains static text. I would like for the user to tap the link and be taken to my apps email page so the user can request help or send comments.

Any comments or suggestions will be most welcome.


@chicago. Thanks very much for your question!

Is this for the info page in the app store? If so, then most likely this won’t be possible. Apple is usually quite strict about things like this. However, I will look into this further, and see if I can come with something more authoritative.

Stay tuned…

syedfa, thank you for your comments.

Since I began this thread I have been fortunate enough to have solved this issue, but I think I did not state my problem clearly enough.

What I wanted was to have a way for my app user’s to contact me from within my app. That said, I thought all I would have to do was have a string such as “Contact Me!” be active so that all the user would have to do is tap that string and the email would appear. I now understand that was nonsense thinking on my part.

I added a new view controller to my app - triggered by a tab bar item , that contains some explanatory text and below that is a button which brings up the email from which the user can send me her comments. And, needless to say, I have learned a LOT in solving this issue.

Thanks again.

Not a problem. I’m very happy you solved the issue, and yes, it looks like I completely misunderstood your question!

All the best!

I do not think you misunderstood at all. I did not explain what I was trying to do clearly enough. All is good now.

Thanks again.

@chicago No problem!

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