How did you build your website?

How did you build your website for your business/app? I made my current site with RapidWeaver and I’m planning to give it an overhaul. I could code it myself using Bootstrap as a template, continue with RapidWeaver, use a wordpress theme, or use a service such as Squarespace. Almost all of the app websites I have seen have been coded from scratch, presumably by the developer or a freelancer. I was just wondering what others on this forum have done.

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I am about to redo mine using Squarespace.

In the past, I have deployed sites created by custom content firms and I have written my own. In order to focus on what I do best, which is not web site design, I am going to give Squarespace a try. I think this will strike the best balance for me based upon cost and personal time invested.

Since I have not pulled the trigger yet on my decision, I would also like to hear what others are doing.

I tried both RapidWeaver and Squarespace. Figured Blocs is the best.

@mthon Thanks very much for your question, and my apologies for the delayed reply.

I’ve used WordPress for my projects, and that really helps cut down costs for development. In the case of WordPress, you simply buy your theme that suits you best (and this is the key, because there are so many custom themes built for WordPress, it’s hard not to find one for your business), and then find a host for your theme (BlueHost is one that comes to mind, but there are others). The nice thing about WordPress is that there are tons of developers out there who know how to work with WordPress, and the underlying technology for it is PhP/MySQL. This should help you not only speed up the process, but also reduce your costs.

I hope this helps!

All the best!

I’ve been using WordPress, in particular because of the wealth of themes and the ability to setup a feedback or support form.

The reality is that it is overkill for a simple brochure website that presents apps for sale. So I’m looking to spend a day doing it from scratch using Bootstrap, and a couple of easy PHP scripts for the feedback and support forms I need.

Since I lack web design skills, I’ll probably end up buying a pre-made Bootstrap theme.