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How did you build your website?


How did you build your website for your business/app? I made my current site with RapidWeaver and I’m planning to give it an overhaul. I could code it myself using Bootstrap as a template, continue with RapidWeaver, use a wordpress theme, or use a service such as Squarespace. Almost all of the app websites I have seen have been coded from scratch, presumably by the developer or a freelancer. I was just wondering what others on this forum have done.


I am about to redo mine using Squarespace.

In the past, I have deployed sites created by custom content firms and I have written my own. In order to focus on what I do best, which is not web site design, I am going to give Squarespace a try. I think this will strike the best balance for me based upon cost and personal time invested.

Since I have not pulled the trigger yet on my decision, I would also like to hear what others are doing.