How can I build MyBiz backend project successfully?

I’have struggled with building MyBiz backend project. I’ve had some issues. But I couldn’t fix those successfully.
Build failed: ‘openssl/conf.h’ file not found in swift-nio-ssl” issue came up. And I followed this link then fix it.
But next “openssl/conf.h’ file not found in ‘CCryptoOpenSSL’” issue came up too. And I followed this link But I couldn’t fix it.
How can I build MyBiz backend project successfully? Please let me know.

p.s )

  • I am using m1 mac mini.
  • I’ve tried updating to vapor4 from vapor3(which is current project base). Upper issues have disappeared but so many migrations required which I can’t handle. Will the book be updated to Vapor 4 for Section IV: in Legacy APPs?

I had similar errors regarding openssl/conf.h. The key was to update the swift-nio package and then updating the Vapor package in Package Dependencies. You will also get a bunch of other errors in the “configure.swift” file, but I believe that was solved in another thread.

We are actually working on a 2nd edition of the book, you can “preview” the files here: GitHub - raywenderlich/itdd-materials at editions/2.0. One word of caution though I had to update the models as well (mostly moving id’s from strings to uuid) so you will have to use the updated app code for it to work as well.