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"Hero" run animation will not work - Chap 4 - Solved by copying end of chapter files

Hi there,
Working through Chap 4 (pages 129-135) and I can’t figure out why my running animation does not want to work. It’s not the animation itself, since if I set the “run” in the “walk” or “idle” state, the character will “run”. Idle and walk work fine. The code was written as per the instructions in the book and reviewed for typos. My double-tap on the arrow keys are detected and the bool state for isRunning changes from false to true, but the run state won’t animate (i.e.: the idle and walk states have the time bar cycling in the Animator window when they are in play. Everything makes sense and is accurately implemented as per the instructions.
Running Unity 2018.1.2f1 Personal (64 bit).

I’m stumped. Any ideas out there?


Hey Buzz,

Can you post screenshots of your animator and the transitions here so we can get a better idea of what is going on?

Hi Nathan,
I ended up copying the “Chapter 4 complete” scripts to resolve the issue. I was never able to figure out exactly why the animation wasn’t working, even though I went over all the steps as depicted in the book/tutorial. Since then, everything has been going smoothly. Thanks for responding :slight_smile: I’ll remove the topic from the forum. Cheers.