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Help: Xcode9 Checklist is blank


I have started the Checklists app design from the iOS 11 & Swift 4 for beginners book. I am in page 433 where I tried to run the program but the simulator is totally blank.

I have set the custom class name “ChecklistViewController” and module “Checklists”.

Please help :smile:


Hi! I’d like to help but this particular forum is for a different book and I’m unfamiliar with the one you’re working through. There is a comment area over on associated with the course. If you ask your question there, someone will be able to help.

That said, when a table view doesn’t populate, it frequently means that you forgot to connect your UITableViewDataSource. If that’s not it, then by all means ask in the Udemy comments section.

Good luck!


Please let me know what error do you get exactly in the console when you run the app. Please also post your question in the correct thread over here as well in order to get even more help after all:

Thank you! :]


My apologies. Thank you so much for replying.

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