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Help! Today Extension with Core Data

Hi guys!! I have been trying to figure out a problem for other the pass 4 days and can not figure it out!

I have implemented a today extension to my app and am trying to get the changes to the Core Data (updates/additions/deletions) on my today widget and main app. It sounds simple, but every page of Google results and stackOverFlow posts as not been helpful.

I am able to get notified when the data has changed, but I can not get that change from whatever target did not make that change.

I really need help on this guys, this is the last part of my today widget and I need to figure this out! Please if anyone knows how to do this let me know!!

I have explained this in detail (what I tried and code) in this stackOverFlow post:

I can not stress this enough, I need help.

  • Fellow Struggling Developer

Core Data got better and better over the years with improved APIs that make it easier to work with. The Apple framework allows you to save your application’s permanent data for offline use, to provide undo functionality or to simply cache data for better performance.