HELP ME! My view layout grows and looks bad when it's active -> Settings -> Display and brightness ->Display Zoom ->View -Zoomed

how to block by programming swift disable -> View Zoomed

Is there a way to know if a user is using “Display Zoom” feature? I’m talking about this feature and disable option

Hi @kevvo, my recommendation would be to adjust constraint values enough where it would not look as altered with the zoomed feature on. I did not find any documentation on being able to know if a user is using the display zoom which leads me to believe there is no way to know.

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Hola @gdelarosa I found a way to know if it is in Standard mode or Zoomed with this code

public static var isZoomed: Bool {

return UIScreen.main.scale < UIScreen.main.nativeScale


But I would like to find a way that any configuration made by the user does not affect the design of my application

Now I have this code for me Collection View

but the code is not clean or optimal

@gdelarosa do you have any documentation of a Collectionview responsive ???

View Standar

Help me!!! @gdelarosa

Hi @kevoprim, it’s easier for me to type in English but I can understand & read Spanish. It looks like you were able to use the isZoomed variable for your collectionView correct? I unfortunately do not have code at the ready that can help you optimize what you shared above. If I run across something that can help with your current issue in regards to the collection view and isZoomed variable I will get back to you.

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@kevvo Please ask questions in English so others can understand and help as well. Thank you!

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hi @gdelarosa thanks for sharing your help with me, if you find any documentation on how to disable the option -> (Zommed) through programming, I would really appreciate it

Hello @shogunkaramazov my English is not so good, but I try, i’m from Ecuador, my idiom native is Spanish.

what I want to do is that when the user activates the Zoom mode, it does not infer at all the design of my application

Hola @kevvo,
You are on the right track with solving this.

Secondly, you can look at the Size Classes that way you can create your UI more responsive in most orientations and if there would be split screen options on the iphone (in the future).


@kevvo Do you still have issues with this?

@kevvo I Still have this issue. Did you resolved it?. Try to make get set variable as same as UIScreen.main.scale
and try to set value for that by checking the scale of screen by
UIScreen.main.scale != UIScreen.main.nativeScale
and UIScreen.main.scale = UIScreen.main.nativieScale.
Anybody help me to create getter setter variable for scale read-only variable