Help i lost My Loot

Can you help me? I lost my Loot, I’m not able to download any of the books I purchased

I’m in the same boat. Most of my loot has disappeared.

Hey guys - can you please try again and let me know if you can access your books now? Thanks!

Sweet thanks for The help

Maybe a stupid question. But where did the My Loot page go. Haven’t been here in a while and cannot find my old purchases anymore.


@hansdampf Just log in and go to your account like this:

Then you can see your loot on that page:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

I’'ve lost mine as well. I actually lost my entire account.

Hi @unknowncode

Sorry to hear that. Could you email and we’ll get this problem sorted for you.


/cc @csweigart

I am already taking with support…been a few days and no response back

@unknowncode - I’ve pinged support - somebody will get back to you either on here or by email within the next day.


Hi @unknowncode,

Sorry for the trouble you’re having here. I have sent out an email to you this morning. Please look for my email from and reply to my questions so that I can investigate this further for you.


Hi, I did reply thanks.

I believe they are still looking.