HealthKit save workout: set icon for activity app

Can anybody tell me how to set or add an icon for workouts in the ios activity app?

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Hi @squips, could you clarify your question please? I’m not sure what the iOS activity app is, unless you are referring to the app on the Apple Watch? Or the health app on the iPhone? If you are working on an app using Xcode, and want to add assets such as an icon for your app then you can drag and drop the set into the assets folder. I apologize if this isn’t the answer you were looking for but I’d love to help out if I could get some clarification.


Hi Gina,
the last revision of Xcode solved my problem.
Now I get my App-Icon in the Activity-App

@squips Is updating Xcode really everything you did to fix this issue? I’m seeing the exact same issue with the latest Xcode version…

For anyone facing the same issue: For me, the issue went away with the App Store-released version of the app. Maybe Apple is gathering the icon from the App Store and can’t do so for Xcode / TestFlight Builds?

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