GVR SDK ( Google VR Player) ios start video on button click

I’m trying to play a video on clic of a button ( it should start the video in fullscreen) Using GVR SDK for IOs in Swift.

I’ve been following this tutorial to make the player working in swift;


but it it display the video on the view controller.

Current on my view controller I have a button, on press, it should start to play the video in full screen.

For this I tried to create the following action:

@IBAction func videoButton(_ sender: UIButton) {
        var url = URL(string: "https://myvideo.mp4")
        var videoController = GVRVideoView(nibName: "GVRVideoView", bundle: nil, url: url)
        if !self.presentedView.isBeingDismissed() {
            self.present(videoController, animated: true, completion: { _ in })

but no success …does anybody have any idea how can this be achieve ???

or i’f I’m in a good track ??

Thanks a lot !!!