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Getting Started With Widgets |

In this tutorial, you’ll add a widget to a large SwiftUI app, reusing its views to show entries from the app’s repository.

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It is only for members right? Because I downloaded and obviously when I login in the simulator it says, I need to be a member :slight_smile: It was not clear from the tutorial, I thought I just did not need to be a professional subscriber. It makes sense I guess otherwise I would have access to all your videos. I might subscribe one day :+1:
I did not know your app is open source. All in SwiftUI and Combine. Impressive!

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ah, of course, the app streams the video courses! sorry! you don’t need to have a professional subscription, but I guess you do need the standard subscription. I’ll ask the gatekeeper if we can do anything.

hi Laurent! Thanks for your patience — I’ve replaced the projects with a version that allows non-subscribers to fetch the list of tutorials. And I’ve added a note at the top about non-subscribers. Thanks for the heads up!

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