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Getting Started With The Composable Architecture |

Learn how to structure your iOS app with understandable and predictable state changes using Point-Free’s The Composable Architecture (TCA) framework.

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Great article that hits most of the key features of The Composable Architecture. I am a little bit unsure of SystemEnvironment because its use cuts across modules. It mitigates coupling by using an unconstrained generic to model the sub-environment. However, if you want to put each feature in its own module, I guess you would need to put SystemEnvironment into its own module as well. I wonder if you did something similar to a pullback, you could avoid this. To me, the duplication seems like it might actually be worth it.

Thanks for the article; I learned a lot!

Great stuff! I feel TCA is actually a Redux pattern framework, which gives the easy way for people to leverage this pattern in SwiftUI.

A bit baffled: it seems that the downloadable materials already have all of the steps of the tutorial completed, which make it less useful as a learning tool. Am I missing something?