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Getting Started With RxSwift and RxCocoa |

Use the RxSwift framework and its companion RxCocoa to take a chocolate-buying app from annoyingly imperative to awesomely reactive.

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Validation code of the textfields contains reentrancy errors:

Reentrancy anomaly was detected.

> Debugging: To debug this issue you can set a breakpoint in /Users/michelefadda/Downloads/Materials/Chocotastic-finished/Pods/RxSwift/RxSwift/Rx.swift:97 and observe the call stack.

> Problem: This behavior is breaking the observable sequence grammar. next (error | completed)?

This behavior breaks the grammar because there is overlapping between sequence events.

Observable sequence is trying to send an event before sending of previous event has finished.

> Interpretation: This could mean that there is some kind of unexpected cyclic dependency in your code,

or that the system is not behaving in the expected way.

> Remedy: If this is the expected behavior this message can be suppressed by adding .observeOn(MainScheduler.asyncInstance)

or by enqueing sequence events in some other way.

I got the same message, multiple times.

@ron.kliffer Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

I tracked this down to the manipulation of First Responder.
Evidently changing that in the midst of processing an OnNext event triggers another event, before the first one is finished.

So I tried dispatching the responder calls async on the main queue, and that eliminated the warning messages. Here is what worked:

  func advanceIfNecessary(noSpacesCardNumber: String) {
    if noSpacesCardNumber.count == cardType.value.expectedDigits {
      DispatchQueue.main.async {
  func advanceIfNecessary(expirationNoSpacesOrSlash: String) {
    if expirationNoSpacesOrSlash.count == 6 { //mmyyyy
      DispatchQueue.main.async {
  func dismissIfNecessary(cvv: String) {
    if cvv.count == cardType.value.cvvDigits {
      DispatchQueue.main.async {
        let _ = self.cvvTextField.resignFirstResponder()

(Also the image name for the Credit Card Icon in the Success Scene in the storyboard should be “unknownCard”, not “UnknownCard”) .

Thanks for bringing this up

The warning can be removed by adding
after every appearance of rx.text in setupCardImageDisplay()

I’ll make sure to make sure to update the tutorial with this fix

Thanks again

This tutorial has been updated to Swift 5 and RxSwift 5.0.
The Reentrancy warning has been removed

Is it only me or part " The Starting Point: Nonreactivity" is invalid due to the missing “updateCartButton” part… that is supposed to be in few places… ?

I think you uploaded alredy “fixed” project instead of initial materials :wink:

This could just be me but my credit card image does not update when typing out the respective credit card number. However, if I remove the throttle from the setupTextChangeHandling() then the card image updates on the text changes.

Anyone know why this is?