Getting Started with IGListKit | Ray Wenderlich

IGListKit is a list building framework that was created to make feature-creep and massive-view-controllers a thing of the past when working with UICollectionView. In this screencast, you'll learn how to use it.

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Thank you for this tutorial. I am very interested in this topic. I also went over your course on scrollViews so I can get a deep understanding. I am not familiar with pods and dynamic frameworks so I am having trouble running and understanding the package that comes when I hit the download button. It seems to have a lot more moving parts then the other courses. Can you direct me to where I can learn more about the bundle of files?

To start open up Marslink.xcworkspace in the starter folder in Xcode and click run. this will gets you a great starting point.

Do not open Marslink.xccodproj,

If you are wanting some tutorials on pods and frameworks there are a few great ones on RayWenderlich,com

Cocoa Pods
Using Cocoa Pods:


If these do not help or want more individual help let me know what time on the video you are having issues with and any error messages you are receiving.

Thank You