Getting Started with Flutter Unknown list location

Very new to building flutter apps and I am learning via the get started tutorial. One thing I have noticed with all tutorials I have read up to this point and not just ones produced by your company is that the file and folder locations are generally not listed i.e. /app/src/main. So the reader is left wondering where the function is being placed. I get that people come from backgrounds where they know a lot of Android and IOS, however, there are others such as myself that come from a Python, and R background who would like to learn these skills.

So in the paragraph “Using a ListView” you ask users to grab a list and display it. Now in Python, I’d know where the list is and if I wanted to update, edit, append, insert it, I could yet, I have no clue where you placed the list of the values to be displayed in the files and folders of the ghflutter-final file. Could you please point me to where these live?

Hi @tcratius, welcome to the community! I took a look at the tutorial and I too looked for a file but realized the list itself comes from a url, “”.


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