Getting Started iOS UIKit tutorial

I finished the iOS for SwiftUI tutorail and now I am doing the UIKit tutorial. On the web page for the UIKit tutorial is says there is an updated version for iOS11. When I click on the link it takes me to the SwiftUI tutorial. The UIKit tutorial is not updated…right?

@naplesdave Thanks very much for your question!

Because UIKit is such a big library, we don’t have a single tutorial for it, but rather many tutorials, and courses that cover topics that fall under UIKit. Is there something in particular you wanted to learn?

I am most interested in how to keep the Pictures/Graphics the correct size as the device screen changes.
IE: Bigger screen , bigger picture in the correct aspect size & ratio. Same for text items as well.

Hi @naplesdave,
What you might want to start looking at ContentMode and the different modes when you use Aspect Fill and Aspect Fit then you might also want to read up on the images in the Assets and their suffixes like the @1x, @2x and @3x

With Font, you might want to read up on the dynamic font sizes because it is not only about the size of the screen but also that users may have accessibility needs and might have set the font size accordingly.


@naplesdave Please check out the latest version of the course when you get a chance:

I hope it helps!