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Getting Started in Unity

Diving deep into self-taught Unity, but hit a snag at the beginning. What happened: 1. I downloaded Unity (Community version; 2018.3.10f1);
2. Followed video #3 in the series; “Your First Program”;
3. At about 4:00, video instructs user to open the bin subfolder;
4. User expects to see two folders: Debug and Release (Release has .exe files inside);
5. My bin subfolder contained ONLY “Debug”. NO “Release”; and
6. Yes, I have rebooted.

What to do?

welcome to the forum!

I use Unity quite regularly for my own projects and also client work and have never had a reason to go in to the /temp/bin/ folders. So I’m curious why a ‘getting started’ video would point you there.

What is it you are trying to achieve?

Hi, all fixed now. Just trying to get started with the 24-hr book. “Missing” file was located and installed. Great customer service!

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