GestureRecognizers that work on underlying view

Hello everyone,

I’m new here and I figured I would ask a question.
I’ve worked with gesture recognizers before. However the recognizers have always been on the top view so this was not a problem at all.

Currently I’m working on an app which has a view with a bunch of views and buttons and sliders and what not on it. However now I want to be able to make certain swipe gestures all over the screen. The problem is for me to do this I need ot put the gesture recognizers on the underlying view. However the gestures don’t seem to be detected becaue of the views that are on top of it.

So basically my question is how can I make sure that the gesture recognizer of a underlying view will be triggered. Ofcourse the buttons and what not that are on top of this view need to remain functioning. I’m looking for a decent awnser on how to go about it since I haven’t had any luck with it myself and I feel like it needs to be possible and possibly more people are struggling which such an issue.

Hope someone will be able to help me!