Gesture recognizer to the scene’s view

Hi i am following along with the pdf tutorial on touch handling methods for GameScene zombie conga and the pdf says that i can use your sample code at the end of the chapter to see how gesture recognizer works but when i do as pdf says and comment out my old code to implement sample code you give me i am getting the error the error message indicates that “use of an undefined identifier scene touched” sample code is not working.

this is what instructions are in pdf.
“You can add the gesture recognizer to the scene’s view in didMove(to:), and
you can use SKScene’s convertPoint(fromView:) and SKNode’s convert(_:to:)
methods to get the touch in the coordinate space you need.
For a demonstration of this, see the sample code for this chapter, which
includes a commented-out demonstration of gesture recognizers for you. Since
it does the same thing as the touch handlers you implemented, comment out
your touch handlers when you run with the gesture recognizers if you want to
be sure the gestures are working.”