Generate pdf file from tableview content

Hallo zusammen,

i need really your help, because I try to realize the following situation since a few month:

Basic information about my App:

  • i have a NSTableView, where the user can fill data (shopping lists)
    – these data will be save in Core Data

This works !

But now my problems:

  • The user should be able to print these lists.
    – The Layout should be (for the beginning) a fixed Layout.
    +++ the first quarter of my din A4 page should show the app logo and the shopping list name
    +++ the second and third quarter should be the place for the shopping list data
    +++ and the last quarter should show copyright informations and a page number

i hope somebody can help / show, so that i can learn

nobody who can helps me with this situation?

Here is a Stack Overflow link that might help you get started with the whole thing:

I really do hope that it actually helps you after all! :]

sry but this does not help me.
sry for that, i have to updated my situation.

please look at my first post again :frowning:

I will forward your request to our macOS tutorial team on the website and let you know if I find out anything as soon as possible.

i updated my first post. thank you very much for forwarding it

Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! :]

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