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Games built on the Unity engine


A little while back I had seen an old thread on this forum that seemed to suggest there was little knowledge of the Unity game engine and if it would work properly with Tridef Ignition. Sure enough recently with the tons of indie games being released off Steam Greenlight, demos for games built on that engine have been popping up, so I had the chance to try one without risk.

First I ran the Assault Android Cactus demo, and actually got some results. They’re far from perfect as the shadows aren’t cooperating, and presently can’t be turned off in the game, so I adjusted the focus as tight as I could on the general area where most shadows appear. This obviously cost a lot of depth and doesn’t give the ultimate result. Here’s a YT3D review of this: The good thing about this experiment is it confirmed that Unity built games do indeed use DirectX and may very well work with Ignition.

Then there was another game I had an eye on for a while also built on Unity. Race the Sun. It’s an awesome high speed reflex puzzle type of game where you simply dodge obstacles and collect items. This time without a demo I took the gamble and spent the ten bucks. Sure enough it happens this title works PERFECTLY with Tridef Ignition:

(Both my custom profiles are in the video descriptions… they’re really not far from the original default profile)

So I guess this clears up a good question mark - I’m not sure if it’s been re-addressed since but - there you go, it works! Wonder what the DDD guys could do about them shadows in that first game. I’m sure a more complex profile could have some way of at least disabling them, right? If you look at the video there’s constant examples of them throughout. Let me know if you need screenshots in addition to this. There’s the free demo itself, maybe others can toy with it and give a helping hand.

A general Unity profile would probably cover a zillion indie games that are presently being steam-rolled into the community (haha). It could come in really handy.


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