Footer tableview


I should make a footer such as the one in the image in attached. I should make how the Expedia logo and everything else under. What should I do? There are examples?


Take a look at your storyboard. From the Object Library, you can drag a View (UIView) to just below your prototype cells. That view then becomes your table view footer. You can resize it, add labels, images, etc to get your desired results.

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Hello @jack7

Either you can add view as aFooterView as per @rcasey 's answer or you can add view below UITableView.

If you want to scroll whole page along with cell and your Expedia logo, then I suggest you should use footer view. If you want to show Expedia logo always on screen and remaining cell - rows then you should add view below UITableView.

I think it is based on your requirement how do you want to show or how you want design your screen.

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Ok, I followed your advice. I solved the problem. Thanks! :grin:

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