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Flutter Newbie saying hello

Just followed the link and this is my first experience with Flutter.
So I will be looking here for Q/A`s, just saying Hello !!

– cool being the first one here !! very quiet.


Welcome! :wave:t2: Flutter will change your development life. Creating apps for multiple platforms compiled into native code all while using a single code base changed mine.

Thanks and I have a lot going on in the learning department. So from what I have done so far installing and doing the getting started tutorial.

I had to finagle the install to get it to work, but I can open flutter help in Power Shell or the command line. I get the options of Chrome, Edge or Web Server. As well as the Android emulator. In VS Code or Android Studio so I am on my way.

I am looking to work with grade schoolers to starting high school kids from my church. Doing small 2D browser games and puzzles. Small app projects nothing big, Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe and Multiple Choice Quiz stuff. It is a way of getting them into all 3 ( HTML 5 /CSS / JS ) that web or mobile rely on to work.

Now to find the time !! Thanks and …Peace

This will give them ( and Me !! ) something to help them wrap their brains around, as far as how this all works.