Flutter advice - Limitations etc

I have some experience with iOS app development, but have had more and more need expand my knowledge in order to build apps for both iOS and Android.

As I don’t have oodles of spare time in any given week, I am seeking advice of others regarding learning Flutter / Dart, or to get into Android / Kotlin. Currently, I have a client which wants an app produced to help users remember their medical treatment times using their specific product, and to keep track of progress. This will require scheduling a number of notifications and reminders over a period of about 6 weeks or so and to store data.

Since I have not yet worked with Flutter, I am curious to know what can be expected. More specifically are there any drawbacks, or limitations? Can you still use all of Apple’s features such as ML or ARKit, etc.

I don’t learn well with video courses but I really like the other book courses available here. I’d love it if there were a Flutter and or Dart book.

@chuck_taylor Please check out our Dart and Flutter books when you get a chance:

I hope they both help!