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Hi everyone, I’m having a problem getting the materials to run. The error message is “A build only device cannot be used to run this target”.
I try to change the device but it has no devices listed in the quick bar, only the “Generic iOS Device” returning the error.
Looks like the materials require Xcode 11, could this be the reason? D

It does indeed required Xcode 11. All of the new API taught in the course are iOS 13 only and not available on previous versions

Hi Passan,

I do appreciate the tensions of staying up to date and keeping a large client base happy that have led to making this decision.

However, your client base is increasingly made up of guys like me, working on a budget who shop refurb and work with refurb. A choice we can take with confidence because part of the hearty price tag in buying Apple kit is the knowledge that most equipment will be still working 10 years down the line. Not to mention other customers who make this choice for ethical and environmental reasons.

In addition, this is a learning outcome on the old school approach Passan. Is there really a solid business case for making this set of outcome Xcode 11 only?

raywenderlich.com have a fabulous product, make it even more fabulous and spend some of your development budget creating a sustainable flexible business approach that allows our community space to grow and develop without an unnecessary pressure to go out and consume resources none of us can really afford. D

@thedonkey Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated!