[Fixed] Couldn't compile connection message in the Checklist example

In the Checklist example, when i added a segue EditItem as the following
“Open the storyboard. Select the table view cell and Ctrl-drag to the Navigation Controller next door to make a segue. From the popup, choose Present Modally from the Accessory Action section (not from Selection Segue):”

and run the app. It read “Interface Builder Storyboard Compiler Error Group”, "/Users/tanghai/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/learning/Checklists/Checklists/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard: Couldn’t compile connection: <IBCocoaTouchOutletConnection: 0x7fc86f52bf40 (gZM-0n-Ova) source=<IBProxyObject: 0x7fc86f2890d0 (BHw-hz-d3Q) ‘Placeholder for UIStoryboardPopoverPresentationSegueTemplate with OID fqd-wG-OHZ’> property=anchorView destination=<IBUITableViewCell: 0x7fc86f78caa0 (CgN-Jh-7wS) ‘Anchor View’>>

i tried the source code with the book, and it is the same error.

How to fix it?

It seemed a network issue. I moved all the files from iCloud to my local computer, and run again. It is correct now.