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Exporting GLTF models from blender

Hello everyone,
I’m currently past chapter 8, but I tried importing a glTF model, which I exported from blender.
The only problem is, that it either doesn’t show textures at all (when I use export setting: .gltf + textures + .bin), or I get an error: “BASE64 encoding not supported yet” (when I use export setting: .gltf).
Thanks a lot!

@bucketfite - Hi!

At the latest WWDC, Apple pushed the USDZ format more, so we updated version 2 of Metal by Tutorials to be more in line with that. We now use the USD and USDZ format in the book, rather than glTF. Apple provides a converter for converting glTF and fbx and others to USDZ.

The first version of Metal by Tutorials had a cut-down glTF importer, which only works with simple glTF files such as the one provided with the book.

If you purchased the digital pdf of Metal by Tutorials, version 2 is a free upgrade. You’ll be able to use the Apple converter to convert your file to USD/USDZ and then :crossed_fingers: import the USD.

Apple has just replaced the command line tool, that converts to USDZ, with Reality Converter:

thank you for answering. I sadly didn’t buy the digital version of Metal by Tutorials. I bought the book on Amazon. Is there a way, that I can download, or learn to use the USDZ importer?
It would mean a lot to me.

You can download the book’s source code from:

There’s a section at the bottom where you can download version 2 source code. Chapter 8 will have the USD code included.

You can also upgrade your printed copy to digital at a significant discount (I think 50% off, and then free upgrades from then on). To do this, you email with the receipt for the physical copy and they will take it from there.

I’m so sorry for replying so late, but thanks a ton! I am looking forward to reading that.

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