Exporting GLTF models from blender

Hello everyone,
I’m currently past chapter 8, but I tried importing a glTF model, which I exported from blender.
The only problem is, that it either doesn’t show textures at all (when I use export setting: .gltf + textures + .bin), or I get an error: “BASE64 encoding not supported yet” (when I use export setting: .gltf).
Thanks a lot!

@bucketfite - Hi!

At the latest WWDC, Apple pushed the USDZ format more, so we updated version 2 of Metal by Tutorials to be more in line with that. We now use the USD and USDZ format in the book, rather than glTF. Apple provides a converter for converting glTF and fbx and others to USDZ.

The first version of Metal by Tutorials had a cut-down glTF importer, which only works with simple glTF files such as the one provided with the book.

If you purchased the digital pdf of Metal by Tutorials, version 2 is a free upgrade. You’ll be able to use the Apple converter to convert your file to USD/USDZ and then :crossed_fingers: import the USD.

Apple has just replaced the command line tool, that converts to USDZ, with Reality Converter: https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=01132020a

thank you for answering. I sadly didn’t buy the digital version of Metal by Tutorials. I bought the book on Amazon. Is there a way, that I can download, or learn to use the USDZ importer?
It would mean a lot to me.

You can download the book’s source code from: https://store.raywenderlich.com/products/metal-by-tutorials-source-code

There’s a section at the bottom where you can download version 2 source code. Chapter 8 will have the USD code included.

You can also upgrade your printed copy to digital at a significant discount (I think 50% off, and then free upgrades from then on). To do this, you email support@razeware.com with the receipt for the physical copy and they will take it from there.

I’m so sorry for replying so late, but thanks a ton! I am looking forward to reading that.

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