Expanding a Tilemap game

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know I really liked the swift apprentice and 2D games by tutorials books! I am now trying to make my own game. It’s a topdown 2D game. But I am having some problems and I thought maybe someone here can help me out.

What I would like to know is if there is a good way to make the world bigger in an SKTilemap game. Either by passing through portals to get to the next map or by having a bigger map, while not having memory issues somehow… Has anyone experienced something like this before? Maybe you have a good tutorial or some code on github I could learn from?

Another thing I’m trying to do is to make the movement by pressing directional buttons instead of tapping on the screen to move to said tap, this seems to be more like the movement/combat style I’d want. But so far It’s not working for me as I don’t know what would be the right way to go about it.

If you have some pointers or tips for me, I’d appreciate the help!

Kind regards