Expand triangle in wrong column

Hi there.

I’m buiding an OSX app witch uses an NSOutlineView for showing data.
The reason that i use the outline view is because of the expanding / sections.
But when i use it the thirst column get’s expanded as i want but the second doesn’t.
I will attach an image with shows it.
I want the expand triangle to be viewed in the second column.

If needed i can also send the code i’m using to populate the outline view.

Does anyone give me the reason why it doesn’t do what i want.

@erich_snijder Do you still have issues with this?


Yes i do.
I can’t figure out what makes the outline view to put the expand triangle in the first column.
I would like to put the expand triangle in the column that i want.

I would think that it must be possible.

Thanks for reading.

From the documentation, the outline view has one outlineTableColumn, usually the first column. That is the only column that shows the disclosure triangle on expandable rows.


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