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Excellent Intro to SwiftUI, but RWFreeView is Too Specific

I thoroughly enjoyed the SwiftUI Apprentice eBook and completed every page in both HIITFit and Cards (coding, not copy/pasting). Both apps were wonderful to code and learn from.

When I got to RWFreeView, I paused. Naturally, this is an educational book and the API, JSON and HTTP info is valuable. But the topic felt too specific to RW, which made me hesitant to continue as I could not figure out a practical use for the completed app (e.g., a new app building on the model app, which was so evident in HIITFit and Cards).

I would have preferred a Core Data app, or JSON for a more general app (i.e., weather, movies, locations), but realise this is a personal preference. As value-for-money, HIITFit and Cards justified the price of the eBook, so all is well. Thank you to the RW team.


Thanks Mazen! I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

We have many other resources for Core Data and JSON — the article I link to is a gold mine! And our other tutorials and books use weather and movie servers. The RW server has the advantage that it’s not going to suddenly disappear, like some other servers I’ve used for tutorials and courses.