Errors create nsmanagedobject subclass

When I Create NSManagedObject Subclass I get about 10 errors in the two files that get created. What should I check?

@brower Thanks very much for your question. Are you following through the examples in the book?

I apologize for not being clear. I was actually following Beginning Core Data Part 3 on my own project. That is I was working on my own project using the steps that video showed. I actually created a new Single-View Application iOS project using Core Data. I created an entity, then I went to Xcode’s menu to Editor->Create NSManagedObject Subclass… There are 11 errors total from different places, including the two swift files created and one error in the activity log.

My entity is called “Contact”. One error in the file called “Contact+CoreDataProperties.swift” is:

/Users/Shinehah/Documents/Xcode Projects/Trials/TrialCoreDataSubclass/Contact+CoreDataProperties.swift:15:65: ‘Contact’ is ambiguous for type lookup in this context

I found one of the posts that explain this:

This should help.

@brower. My apologies for the delayed response, I am happy that you were able to find a solution to your problem! Are you still having issues?

All the best.

No. I don’t have issues with this anymore. Thank you for asking.

@brower. Good to know. :slight_smile:

Take care!