Error in 1. AR Quick Start - First build

I’m getting the following error after trying my first build to try the app.

error: loading(assetPath: “”)

I don’t have a device registered with an apple account yet but am a developer of an active account.

I’m pretty new to iOS.

Any ideas, please?




Hey @mattmuller.

Looks like you have to download the additional assets related to the TinyToyTank.rcproject in Reality Composer. So…

Open TinyToyTank.rcproject in Reality Composer, and in the upper right corner there should be an “Info” button. Click that to open a menu that shows several items that you need to download. Click the download all button. That should do it. This is definitely a missing step in the book.



Thanks, Brian, this works!

  • Matt
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I had the same issue - your suggestion worked! Thanks a lot!

I’d be great if authors could mention this while exploring Reality Composer for the first time as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks @brian71 for your information.

I just curios, from which URL these files are downloaded? and how to configure these downloadable files in Reality Composer?


Hi @dios2013. What I found is that there is not a URL from which these files are downloaded. I downloaded them through Reality Composer. However, if you are looking for the project files those can be downloaded here.

Thanks @brian71 for you reply.
Now is clear for me. At first, I though that the audio files are created by the book authors. From your information & after I looked at the Reality Composer, these audio files are coming from Apple repo (created by Apple).


Gracias, Brian, ¡esto funciona!

This helped me as well!

thank you,

  • from one Bryan to another

Thanks a lot, Brian. Your suggestion works.

It will be great if the author mentioned this in the book.

I didn’t carefully read the errors or catch the download all button at first glance, I thought the icon matched the error. Thanks for the info!

When I ran into this before visiting here, I had just removed the sounds from the behaviors. That is clearly less fun, but it also clears the error in case it’s helpful for anyone who can’t get the sounds.