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Errata for tvOS Apprentice v1.1

This topic is for bugs, typos, and other mistakes in tvOS Apprentice v1.1.

Hello, I just started with the TVOS Apprentice and followed the steps in the Hello, TVML chapter. However, the video never starts (nothing happens when I click on the Play button). I opened the Hello, TVML file included with the book in case I had made any mistakes, but the source file doesn’t work either.
I noticed in both cases (my code and the book’s source code) I’m getting this in the output panel:

> 2016-05-25 11:26:25.233 HelloTVML[2462:203720] #T:[Main] #Notice #SYSTEM : Template element: <IKViewElement: 0x7fd5f8f24ed0> 
> 2016-05-25 11:26:25.249 HelloTVML[2462:203720] #T:[Main] #Notice #SYSTEM : Template controller: <_TVAlertTemplateController: 0x7fd5f8e37560> 

Any fix for this?

Sorry, I just realized that this won’t work with the trackpad. Once I pulled up the Apple TV Remote it worked (maybe you should add a note about this in a future edition).