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Errata for SwiftUI by Tutorials 1st Edition

In chapter 9, there are two instances of the word “detracts” that should instead be “subtracts”. For example:

  1. The container view detracts from the available frame the size chosen by the child view, and goes back to step no. 2, until all children views have been processed.

should instead be:

  1. The container view subtracts from the available frame the size chosen by the child view, and goes back to step no. 2, until all children views have been processed.

This error detracts attention from the otherwise excellent text as I’m distracted by the discrepancy. :wink:

Ahah, changed so that the error now subtracts attention instead of detracting. :]
It’ll be available in the next update

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On my machine using Xcode 11.2.1, iOS 13.2.2, Chapter 4 RGBullsEye ContentView body
jnjsjmiller suggestion:


worked better than:

    .navigationBarTitle("", displayMode: .inline)
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Version: SwiftUI_by_Tutorials_v1.1.0(pdf version) - page # 159. Should Your PracticeView will now be... be Your ChallengeView will now be... or I am missing the point.

hi Pat! I think both are correct. PracticeView shows ChallengeView, passing practiceStore to it.

Chapter 15: Complex Interfaces have a typo on the chapter number it is wrongly titled as Chapter 14 instead of Chapter 15

@mussacharles good catch! it’s only in the epub … I wonder how that happened. We’ll fix it for the next update.

@audrey yes, I am using epub version, that’s where I noticed the typo. Btw thanks for this amazing book.

thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

btw, the pdf shows the author of each chapter, in case you’re curious

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Hi Guys,
great work on books they are great. Not sure if anyone caught this bug but in Chapter 12 Kuchi app crashes when you give all answers correctly.

This happens because ForEach the way it was made expects constant data and in this case when all answers are made answer array becomes nil so I made little change and it works now.

extension ChoicesView: View {
  var body: some View {
    VStack(spacing: 25) {
      ForEach(0 ..< self.answers.count, id: \.self) { index in
        VStack {
            Button(action: {
            }, label: {

Chapter 6, when transforming the logo Image, the sequence of modifiers doesn’t work. The border is clipped by the circle.

On page 130,
Instead of:
// 1
.cornerRadius(60 / 2)
// 2
.border(Color.gray, width: 1)

This Works:
.overlay(RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 30)
.stroke(Color.gray, lineWidth: 1))

I’m using Xcode 11.3

Hi, thanks for reporting this bug. I’ll fix it in the next release of the book, it’s already in my “to-fix” list. :]

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This is the .epub only. The .pdf is correct.

Typo 1: It says “The, move the frame down…” at Page 310. It should be Then move the frame down…

Odd expression: It says “… within a local given view” at the end of Page 144. It should be within a given local view.

Hi everyone, all should have been fixed in the book update released a few days ago.

I’d be happy to start reporting new errata in the 2nd edition if you open a topic for that.

Hello! Here is the official thread for the second edition of SwiftUI by Tutorials. Thank you for your feedback!

Chapter 4 Integrating SwiftUI
"Coordinating data between UIView and SwiftUI view

Add this line to updateUIView(_:context:):"

uiView.value = Float(self.value)

this line of code would cause error: No exact matches in reference to instance method 'value’

make sure your uiView parameter is of type UISlider:

func updateUIView( _ uiView: UISlider, context: Context)