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Errata for Swift Apprentice v6

Looks like I’m starting this version’s errata…

Chapter 5, page 99, 3rd shaded box: “Simply hold down the Alt key and hover…” should be “Simply hold down the Option key and hover…”

Chapter 7, page 146: The Resources folder, and therefore the BullsEye.html file can be difficult to locate- you have to go out to Downloads, then through iOS_Apprentice_v6 then getting-started then Resources. [this is the answer to the initial question I posted- edit]

Also, I’m a little concerned that we’re using Web View, which Xcode says is deprecated.

It looks like my other question about the deprecation of Web View was answered here:

There is a nice discussion about using the new WebKit View instead.

@wizarddr Thanks very much for posting these issues. I will try to inform the author about these updates!

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