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Errata for Swift Apprentice, 6th ed

Creating this topic for bugs, typos, and other mistakes found is Swift Apprentice, 6.0.


Section 18.4 (Testing) has subheading “ XCTFail and XCTSkip” duplicated.


I have Swift Apprentice 5, Is there an upgrade path to 6 ?
Or do I need to purchase it again ?

Thank you. CatzShadowy

Hello, @catzshadowy! If you owned the 5th edition, when you click on the link, it should automatically take you to the 6th edition. Is the link not working for you? Please email me at if not. Thank you!

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Thank you! I’ve passed this on to the team.

Hello, @mandafrederick Thank you !

Yes I just downloaded and updated my Swift Apprentice to v6.0 and materials.
Without problems, from the link in email I received. :blush:

Sincerely CatzShadowy


The note under Section II, 7.12, “Using properties and methods” says that a dictionary needs to loop through all its values to compute the count, but .count in fact runs in O(1) (implementation).


Thank you! I’ve passed this on to our team. Cheers!

" Methods in protocols" under “Section 16. Protocols” says To provide direction as an optional argument, you’d define both versions of the method explicitly:
func turn()
func turn(_ direction: Direction)

but what do you think about defining function with optional argument? like this:
func turn(_ direction: Direction?)


Hello! Thank you so much for the feedback. I’ll pass it off to the teams!