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Errata for Swift Apprentice 5th Edition

Found an issue in Swift Apprentice, 5th edition? Post it here!

Chapter 2 - Challenge 6

What is the type of the constant named value?

let tuple = (100, 1.5, 10) 
let value = tuple.1

The answer in 02-types-and-operations-challenges.playground is the following:

let value = tuple.1 // value = 8 of type Double

It should actually be 1.5 and not 8. I think you might have been confused with the tuple listed in Challenge 4 or 7?

Chapter 15 - Enumerations Typo

Small typo in the paragraph explaining the trouble with Strings at the beginning of the chapter:

"“Furthermore, it’s all to easy to make a typo like “nrth””
Excerpt From: By Ray Fix. “Swift Apprentice.” Apple Books.

Assuming its supposed to be: “Furthermore, it’s all too easy to make a typo like “nrth””

Unless the goal was to show how easy it is to make a typo haha.

@sleeve @jongle Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! I will forward them to the book team.

Hey, Hi !
Just a note to say thank you for a great book !
I find it through and understandable from the basics to the advanced !
Wish I had found this book - Swift Apprentice v5.0 - before !

Happy camper now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thanks Ray and team good work !

@catzshadowy Thank you for your kind words - much appreciated! Really glad you like it! Cheers! :]