Errata for iOS Test-Driven Development by tutorials 2nd Edition

Creating this topic to catch any typos and bugs in the 2nd Edition of iOS Test-Driven Development by Tutorials.

In chapter 3, there are a couple issues (as I see them). First issue: In the section labeled “Writing the test”, you updated the function startStopPause with let title… and startButton…, but didn’t update viewDidLoad. You later had us remove those lines after adding the function updateButton. The tests didn’t pass until we did that change. Second issue: The paragraph that begins with “Part of writing comprehensive unit tests” is duplicated and the second instance doesn’t make sense. The 2 lines referenced don’t belong where the paragraph indicates.

In chapter 5, the image just before subheading “Getting specific about notifications” is missing and it shows an error: “This image is missing a width attribute…”.

In Chapter 3 - Test nomenclature - Appears to be a typo
XCTAssertEqual(observedSate, AppState.inProgress)
XCTAssertEqual(observedState, AppState.inProgress)

@theidude thanks for reporting, sorry for the confusion

@mkatz @jellodiil
In chapter 3
This paragraph is duplicated.
Here the paragraph should mention that the following code should be added to the viewDidLoad() function.